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  • FiltrCutPro - 12 Instagram-esque effects for Final Cut Pro X

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One by One

a film by Zeyal Inc.

"We recently used light leaks in a short inspirational film we made and we are so happy with the final product. These effects are easy to use and create an amazing look.The staff are also extremely friendly and helpful."

- Nick from Zeyal inc. 
Light Leaks used: Crystal collection





Songbird - Kelly Moore Bag promo


"The light leaks were super simple to use during the editing process. It made the transitions from one scene to the next smooth and seamless. I found good variety within the light leak collections as well!" 

- Kate from Kelly Moore Bag

Light Leaks used:
Crystal collection



Dreams of an American Exile

a film by Eric Z. Weintraub.

"Dreams of an American Exile is a fictional novella. Many places I write about in the novella are based on actual locations and I wanted to showcase those locations using documentary footage on the trailer. Light Leaks allowed me to give the footage a more artistic, dreamlike quality, which better compliments the tone of the book."

- Eric, Writer. 
Light Leaks used: LightOrganic





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