General Difference between Adobe Premiere and After Effect

2 video editing applications have always been a mainstay for its users, namely Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Although there are still other video editing applications, however, the two apps from Adobe are best known until now.

Of course, although the two applications use the same brand, both are different in terms of function and task. Surely you are curious about what distinguishes Adobe Premiere from Adobe After Effects. To find out the answer, the following review.

Side Function

First of all, we discuss the functions of both of these applications. For Adobe premiere, this application is more emphasis on editing video along with audio from various sources then combined into one new video. While the Adobe After the effect is a video composition application that can add visual effects to the video source so that it can create a new video with the addition of new visual effects.

Side Tools

For this section, divided into several sections, to see the following review.


First is from the side of the timeline. In the background video editing application, it certainly has a “kitchen” that is used to process various kinds of videos. “Kitchen” is what we call the timeline. Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect have the same timeline.
The difference is that the Adobe Premiere panel in the timeline has more detail than Adobe After Effects. In Adobe Premiere, the editing section can be used for video manipulation, audio editing, adding words, and even editing the transition section.


Turning to the editing section, both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect have fairly distinct differences. As in the timeline, the editing system on Adobe Premier has many tools. Whether it’s in terms of editing video and audio. For those of you who like to manipulate a video or audio, you will be very spoiled with a complete tool from Adobe Premiere.

Whereas in Adobe After Effect, fewer editing tools. Plus, the Adobe After Effect editing tools, need to be studied more deeply. Because the tools used have a more complex complexity than Adobe Premiere.

Audio Mixer

Since Adobe Premiere can also handle audio editing, it is very clear that Adobe Premiere is much more detailed about audio mixers compared to Adobe After Effects. Plus, at Adobe’s premiere, there is a plugin that is a standard plugin in the VST3 industry. This, of course, makes you who want to be creative in terms of audio and video easier.


In video editing applications, there is a popular term used, namely, Rendering. Rendering itself is a process of editing video files into a video that we usually watch. Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect use the GPU to run on computers or laptops. However, in terms of rendering, Adobe Premiere has a better level of acceleration. Whereas in Adobe Effect, the acceleration level when rendering is a bit slower.

Media Management

Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect have different media management. As mentioned before, Adobe Premiere has more tools than Adobe After Effect. However, in terms of the placement of the tools, it is easier, and we will quickly remember where the position of the tools we will use.

The Results Side

Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect will produce a video on the final result. However, the final results of the two have differences. On Adobe Premier, you will get a combination of various videos with the addition of audio that can attract attention. Generally, Adobe Premier is used by YouTubers in creating content on Youtube.

Whereas in Adobe After Effects, you can see the results in films that use 3-D effects and also animations that use broader effects.


5 Android Video Editing Applications That Are Useful for YouTubers

Youtube, one of the video portals which is now becoming one of the most widely used media by people. Not only for searching for favorite videos but now the benefits of Youtube are also a place to channel creativity.

No one thought that Youtube today is a very trendy site in cyberspace. This is inseparable from the fact that happened that Youtube can make money and make anyone into a program. This is inseparable from the Youtube that provides wage features to every content creator in the form of AdSense. Therefore, many people who flocked to become a YouTube celebrity or often known as YouTubers.

YouTuber in America is starting to be known since 2016 ago. Until now, the YouTubers constantly emerge from various parts of the country, including in America. If you want to become a Youtuber, at least you have to understand the application to edit videos. Of course, the purpose of editing this video aims to make the content more interesting for visitors. If you have a computer or laptop, you can see free software references for editing videos on computers and laptops that you can search on the internet. But what if you only have a smartphone?

With the development of computer networks today, many applications. Edit videos that you can use just armed with a smartphone. Add more. These applications are free and easy to do, even if you are not good at editing videos. Curious what the application? Following this, the android video editing application is free and easy to use.


In first place is Kinemaster. KineMaster itself is quite widely used by beginner YouTubers to create content. The reason is also simple because this application can meet the needs of creative video editing even though the user is not proficient at all. The most striking advantage of this application is the green screen or green screen that is commonly used by gamers in making videos. That makes KineMaster very popular with YouTubers. Kinemaster itself has a free and paid version. Of course, the paid version is much more complete, but the free version is enough to meet your needs.


Need an application that can combine two videos in one frame or add photos too? FilmoraGo can be the solution for you. Filmora applications can combine many videos or many photos in one frame, which will become a whole video. Typically, this application is widely used by reactors in their contents. It can be a movie reactor, music, video clips, and so forth. Plus, the effects that are presented are no less good with other video editing applications so that FilmoraGo can become one of your flagship applications.


Need a little video application that can add special sound effects? Videoshop can be the solution. By using this application, you can add special sounds to the videos that you make. Special sounds can be animal sounds, the music of people who are laughing, and some other funny sounds. Another excellent feature is the feature of using slow motion and fast motion. This increasingly makes the video more interesting to the audience’s attention.


Need a video editing application that is simple and not too complex? Quick can be the solution you can choose. By using the Quick app, you can create effects and transitions between frames that are easy to do. You take a video and click on a few menus, then the video to your liking will immediately become a matter of minutes. Although this application presents a simple thing, do not underestimate the effect features provided. There are about 20 filters that you can use to be creative in the video. Plus, this application can also make it easier for you to add music and interesting text.

Power Director Video Editor

The second application comes from the Power Director. This application is also very popular among beginner Youtubers. That is because the features presented, such as a powerful editor application on a computer or laptop. Another advantage is the number of effects presented to enhance the video. Therefore, Power Director is very famous among YouTubers and bloggers.


13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a large company that has made various applications for multimedia purposes. The range of applications that he has made includes graphic design applications, video editing applications, magazine editing applications, to applications that are used for website development. Since a few years ago, Adobe has introduced its superior products to the computer software market. One of the most well-known software, for example, is Photoshop, which currently has various versions and is continuously being developed to be even better.

In addition to Photoshop, Adobe also makes applications that are used to do video editing. The application created by Adobe for video editing purposes is called Adobe Premiere. There are many versions of Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CC, and so on. All of these versions certainly have different features. However, in general, Adobe Premiere is one of the software options for video editors who work professionally or in the beginner stage.

So you can use Adobe Premier software more optimally, of course, you have to recognize every aspect of the software you use. Without knowing how an application works, surely we will not be able to use the app to its full potential. Supposing we play ball, without knowing the condition of the ball we use and the texture of the field where we play, it could be the strategy that we put together when competing won’t be optimal.

One aspect of software that we need to know is in terms of strengths and weaknesses, aka the advantages and disadvantages of an application. In the following, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Premiere, so that you understand the more detailed aspects of this Adobe video processing software. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Premiere that you need to know about?


  1. It can capture videos from camcorders that are connected to a computer or laptop and can be saved in various file formats.
  2. Easy in making video titles because it has 3 titles.
  3. Have a timeline that can be filled with lots of videos and audio to enrich the effects or enhance the videos that you make. The limitations on some versions are up to 99 video columns and 99 audio columns, which means you can make very many combinations.
  4. Easy to manage files needed for editing because there is a built-in explorer feature that can be used for browsing.
  5. It has an interface that spoiled the eyes and made it easy to operationalize the video editing process because it has a display and preview that makes video editing easier.
  6. Have accurate editing time up to about 0.01 seconds. This way you can make smoother frames so your film will be better too.
  7. There are lots of video file support that can be edited by Adobe Premiere. Thus you do not need to be bothered because you have to change the video format from one file to another before first opening it in Adobe Premiere.


  1. One of the drawbacks of Adobe Premiere is that learning is not an easy problem. To be able to become Adobe Premiere, you need to study it seriously first. It has a large installation size so that it will use a lot of space on your hard drive.
  2. Because this application has a license, then to use it, you need to buy the license. Unfortunately, for the size of a student bag, the price of the license given is quite expensive. That, too, must be updated every month.
  3. Requires computer specifications that are in the medium to high-end range. Fair enough, considering the ability it has in video editing.
  4. No full-screen preview.
  5. Not able to save video files directly but must go through the rendering process and others.
  6.  Some techniques for video editing require other applications to run. For example, you need Adobe After Effects to polish your video, or you need
  7. peedGrade to enhance the video you are editing. Of course, this is rather annoying if the additional application must also be purchased with money before we can use it legally.

Initial Guide to Using the Adobe Premiere Video Editor Application

For new users of Adobe Premiere video editing applications, they may still find many or some things that are confusing in their use, therefore in this post I will help a little how-to start editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6 (not much different from other CS or Adobe Premiere CC equivalent version).
Before proceeding further, many things need to be prepared for editing:

  • Application, prepare the Adobe Premiere application. It is recommended to use the latest version of the app so that more updates
  • Video, prepare the video you want to edit.
  • Audio, prepare the audio you want to insert into the video (if you want to use audio, for example, music).
  • Concept, prepare a good idea if the edited video requires an idea such as a short film.
  • Drink, this time just suddenly thirsty when editing videos.

After everything is ready, please open the Adobe Premiere application.

Creating a Project

If this is the first time you open the Adobe Premiere application, you will be asked to create a project first. This project is an editing file in the use of this application; one day, you want to edit with the same settings then open this project again.

Please create a project as needed, if you are not sure to leave the default settings and then click Ok to start editing in this project. To create a new project, please click on New Project, if you already have a project, please select one of the projects in the list or click Open Project if the project does not appear in the project list.

Don’t forget to name the project (if creating a new project) so you can easily find it later, also name the sequence (if you create a new project/sequence). This sequence is an editing worksheet that is in the project. The default will be to use Sequence 01 and so on.

First Step, Appearance

After successfully passing the initial steps about “projects and sequences,” You will immediately open the Adobe Premiere editing page. In some versions, it will look like the image below:

If it doesn’t look like it doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of taste and comfort. With a display like this, we can easily see almost all components used in video editing. If you want to adjust the appearance, please look for the Window menu on the menu bar above then check the part you want to appear on the screen, such as Projects, Tools, Effect Controls.

If you want to move/move the components that are displayed, click on the component, hold, drag, and drop it at the desired position (for example, moving Effect Controls to the bottom along with the Project tab).

I think it’s enough to discuss the matter of appearance because actually, this depends on the comfort of each user and can be done in the manner above whenever you want to change the position of components and views.

Editing Video

Now this project may still be empty, and we need to insert a video to start editing. How to insert video into this project can be done by clicking File -> Import … on the menu bar above (or can be done by pressing CTRL + I on the keyboard). Please select the video and audio to be executed. This insert process requires loading time before the item is successfully imported into the project; this processing time depends on the number and size of files imported.

The selected video and audio will then appear in the Project tab: Project Name, then please drag the video and audio you want to execute to the timeline (editing timeline, at the bottom right).

In this timeline, users can start editing videos such as cutting, merging videos, removing sound, duplicate video/audio, zooming, rotating animations, and more. At Adobe Premiere, there are lots of editing tools/tools. Almost all the tools needed for professional video editing are available here.

Don’t always forget to press CTRL + S (or click the File menu -> Save) to save the work, so as not to repeat too far if suddenly the lights go out. But, if autosave is activated, it will automatically save the project every time specified.
Start working. Good luck!