7 Tips for Building a YouTube Audience and Getting More Views December 08 2013

Whether you’re promoting your own brand, starting a business, or just want to share some funny videos, here are 7 tips for building a great YouTube channel and, ultimately, getting more views.


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Today we have a great guest post from Phil at VideoSchoolOnline. He is a prominent filmmaker and creator of very popular online video training courses. Phil has taken the time to share some of his wonderful insights into what makes a great YouTube video and channel. 
I don't need to tell you guys how important online video is to business success, and utilising Phil's knowledge could be the difference between your channel and videos being seen or getting lost on YouTube.


1. Great Titles

Just like trying to build a website that gets a lot of traffic, your video title needs to use keywords that people are searching for. The better the keyword, the more people will end up clicking on your video. Remember that the words that start your title (on the left) are more important to YouTube’s search algorithm than the ones on the right. So start your title with whatever is the most searched-for term.

2. Don’t Forget the File Name

YouTube also pays attention to the file name. If you create a video about a cute kitten playing with a sock, name your video file ‘cute-kitten-playing-with-sock.mov’ rather than ‘kitten_version_1.mov.’

3. Detailed Descriptions with Links

Always include links to your website at the start of your description so that people can easily see and click the links. As with the title, be sure to spend time writing your YouTube video descriptions including keywords and phrases that people may be searching for.


4. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Creating individual thumbnails can be a bit tedious, but they really go a long way in terms of getting more views. Learn Photoshop so that you can create eye-catching thumbnails. Include related imagery or text that will get people to click on your thumbnail.

5. Brand Your Videos

The overall branding of you videos plays a huge role in building a subscriber base. Start by placing a unique video intro (aka video bumper) at the start of each video. This way, viewers will get familiar with your brand whenever they watch one of your videos. Video intros also boost the ‘production value’ of your videos – all the great YouTube channels have them! To learn how to make a great intro video, check out the How to Create Your Own Video Intro course from www.VideoSchoolOnline.com.

6. Stay Consistent

Whether you put out one video per week or five doesn’t matter too much in regards to building a following. The key is to be consistent. Start by uploading and sharing one video per week so you don’t get overburdened or burnt out. Your followers will appreciate the consistent uploads. Being consistent also gives them a reason to routinely check your channel page. Also, if a new viewer comes to your channel, you’ll want to have somewhat recent and consistent content so that the viewer knows you’re still creating great videos. Otherwise, there is no reason to subscribe.

7. Have a Call to Action


Ask the viewer at the beginning or end of the video to subscribe to your channel, like your video, or post a comment below. This can be done in the video itself with text or video, or can be done with YouTube annotations. Either way, this is a very important aspect of growing an engaged audience. Engaged viewers are always better than passive ones, and are more likely to share your video or channel with the people they know.

Following all of these tips will help build your own YouTube channel and get more views.

These tips are brought to you by www.VideoSchoolOnline.com where you can take full online classes to improve your video-making skills. Ever wanted to learn Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro? Check out www.VideoSchoolOnline.com for great classes that thousands of people love.


Thanks Phil for that insightful guest post!
If anyone has any questions about the content in this post, feel free to get in touch with myself (Charlie) here or contact Phil directly here - VideoSchoolOnline@gmail.com.


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