50 Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro X - The ultimate FREE Plugin list for FCPX April 30 2018


In this article we are going to share over 50 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins available in 2018 that we reckon are pretty darn awesome!

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Editors note: This list of free plugins for Final Cut Pro X was originally published in 2015. It has now been completely overhauled and updated for 2018. Enjoy! 


When it comes to Final Cut Pro X, one of the areas Apple's editing platform really shines over the competition is its ability to harness plugins, whether they are free Final Cut Pro plugins or paid.

Why do we like Final cut Pro plugins so much? Well, it can really be summed up in one word - convenience. Effects and looks that used to take hours to achieve and had to be built up over layers and layers (and layers and layers!) are now as simple as drag…and…drop - which means you can drastically improve your video editing workflow and speed!

The community around Final Cut Pro X that has developed since the platform's inception have created many of these powerful tools - there are now so many talented Final Cut Pro plugin creators out there making FCPX plugins, effects, templates and transitions, especially when compared to 2015 - the year this ultimate free plugins list was first written.

So, with the industry changing so quickly, technology making leaps and bounds each and every day, and cutting styles evolving, we at LightLeakLove thought it was time to revisit this epic list of over 50 free Final Cut Pro plugins and see what new freebies were out there that could be harnessed by all of you lovely creative peeps. 

Many of these FCPX free plugins were released as samples from companies (giving a sample of their full FCPX plugins) or from other FCPX editors simply looking to share the cool plugin that they've created, figuring that if they found it helpful then other Final Cut Pro editors and videographers will too.

Here at LightLeakLove we have just done that very same thing with "Transition Love Lite" our own free collection of light leak transitions for FCPX. 

Free Final Cut Pro transitions and light leaks

We first crafted our full pack of Final Cut Pro light leak transitions and then created this plugin sampler to give users an idea of what the full plugin pack is capable of!

In making our new plugin collection we got to thinking - "What other fantastic free plugins are out there just waiting to be discovered?".

So, we've gone ahead and compiled a list of what we think are the 50 best plugins for FCPX. They consist of transitions, title templates, effects and generators. 
Note. Actually it's 72...when we updated it to include recent 2018 free plugins for FCPX, we got carried away!

If you are a video editor that also uses Premiere Pro, then be sure to check out our epic PREMIERE PRO FREE EFFECTS freebies list for Premiere Pro CC users too!



With 50 free FCPX plugins to get through we better get started!




We're going to be a little cheeky (ok a lot!) and start off with our own free package - Transition Love Lite


Transition Love Lite is a FREE sampler of our full Transition Love Collection for FCPX.

This free Final Cut Pro transitions pack contains 3 fully functioning light leak transitions from the full collection and is completely royalty free.

Free plugins for FCPX

Transition Love Lite gives you the power to customize your transitions from directly within the transitions Inspector window.

Fine tune each light leak parameter to get it exactly how you want it.

This means spending less time trying to achieve the look you're after and more time creating your masterpiece.


You'll receive:

*3 high quality light leak transitions

*Fully integrated into Final Cut Pro

*Customisable by color, hue, blend mode, positioning and more.

To download Transition Love Lite click here now.






The next awesome producer of free Final Cut Pro plugins is Deyson Ortiz over at Deyson.com.

Deyson has created a massive range of FCPX templates including some very, very cool freebies. You can also visit his online store's free section at MotionMasterTemplates.com for a total of 14 incredible free FCPX plugins.

Below I have listed what I consider are 5 of his best free plugins for Final Cut Pro. 

Note - To access the effects listed in this article, simply click on the effect title to be taken to a download page.


Circles of Love

This is a 2D Final Cut Pro template consisting of circles in motion. It's a super slick template and in the right context would make any video stand out.


Web Video

Especially good for corporate videos, this template gives you the power to add your own images and videos to a pre-created website.
This awesome plugin has 3 drop zones where you can add your own content.
A super quick and professional looking solution that is perfect for your next corporate video.


 Polaroid Play


Polaroid Play is another crafty free FCPX plugin from Deyson. This template gives you the ability to add 4 nifty looking drop zones for your media. 

The polaroid camera will introduce each piece of media, displaying it in a way that is fresh and engaging. 
This template includes a plethora or frame rates to make sure it will match your Final Cut Pro workflow seamlessly. Very cool.  


Rotate Bounce

Add a little bounce you your videos with Rotate Bounce. This is a great way to introduce various video elements. Add your drop zones and loop them as many times as you need. Watch as your footage bounces happily into screen. 
Customize the colors and add your own elements as you see fit!


Final Cut Template Modules

Deyson has created these template modules to allow you to create your own custom animated videos. They are fantastic at promoting products, services, websites and brands.
This packages is a worthy free plugin to have in your Final Cut Pro arsenal as it contains not one but eight free FCPX plugins making it perfect for all video creatives!
These crafty template modules contain many customizable elements including text, colors, durations, and animation speed. 

This template pack includes website mockups, and device mockups. Awesome. 





Idustrial Revolution are another great company dedicated to making the video editors job easier. They join this epic free plugins list with a whopping 21 (yep 21!) free Final Cut Pro plugins.

It's worth noting that these Final Cut Pro plugin have been made completely free to download and use, however, make sure to read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions once downloaded. 


XEffects 6 Free Simple Titles

This free plugin contains 6 free and simple titles to use in your next video project. All of the designed plugins are fully customisable. Text can be changed to your liking. Font and color are completely modifiable.
Each graphic element is able to be individually adjusted to match text dimensions. 

- Highly Customisable 
- Use any font or a mixture per graphic
- Use any color or a mixture per graphic
- Build-In and Build-Out options
- 4K Ready


    XEffects Web Search Page

    XEffects Web Search Page is a free title plugin for Final Cut Pro X that has been built to emulate the looks of the world's most popular search engine. 

    Simply enter the text you want displayed in the search bar and the cursor will click on the text box and then begin typing your pre-defined text in. 

    You can then stay with the original search text or decide to change the text to a related match. 
    This FCPX free plugin also has XYZ position and rotation camera adjustments to add an angle to the search field and overall webpage if that is desired for your edit.

    This is an excellent free Final Cut Pro plugin to use when promoting clients products or services online.  


    XEffects Glow Darks

    XEffects Glow Darks is another free Final Cut Pro X effect from Idustrial revolution.

    This plugin will isolate low luminance within your video footage. You can then decide to add a fully adjustable dark glow to that low luminance area. This is a very similar effect to the FCPX built in Glow effect. This however works for the lowlights, not the highlights. 

    Within the free plugin you can control the following

    - glow radius

    - opacity of the glow

    - threshold 

    - softness of glow

    Their website states that this plugin is fantastic for adding some 'punch' to thin video without having to go all out in crushing the black levels or modifying the exposure curve. 

    Another handy reason to use this free plugin is because of its ability to reduce noise in the blacks. Handy huh!


    XEffects 3D Sale Price

    XEffects 3D Sale Price is a great plugin to add to any sales video. 
    This free Final Cut Pro plugin consists of a customisable oval sale plinth. It contains 3D text on either side of the plinth.
    This plugin is super customisable. You can decide where the plugin animation ends from six pre-programmed end positions and you also have four different rotation choices at your disposal. 
    All of these customisations are accessible from drop down menus within the FCPX program.
    The plinth itself is also very customisable. FCPX video editors can select different colors for the front and back. They can decide on different material of the button too, utilising textures such as chrome and wood. With all of these customisations available, this free plugin really is a must for any Final Cut Pro video editor. 


    XEffects 3d Text Wrap


    XEffects 3D Text Wraps is a free plugin set that contains 8 free title plugins. These plugins let any Final Cut Pro video editor wrap any image they have around 3D text. The results can be stunning. 

    What Idustrial Revolution have done is take the 8 3D titles that ship with Final Cut Pro X and they have then customized them by adding a drop zone to each. This allows the video editor to supply a custom image which will then be wrapped around the text. This supplied image can be a texture; wood, fabric, chrome, rust, carpet, or an actual image, e.g. a tropical sunrise on an empty beach. 

    These custom titles then follow the built FCPX animations. 


    XEffects Audio Fades

    XEffects Audio Fades are the first free audio plugins to make our epic free Final Cut Pro plugins list.

    The XEffects Audio Fades plugin is a set of free audio fade plugins that when applied to a clip on your timeline, or the audio components of a clip on your timeline, automatically apply predetermined audio fade handles. 

    As we are all aware, audio isn't necessarily the strongest point of Final Cut Pro X - though admittedly it is getting better. There is currently no easy way to execute an audio fade between two clips. This set of free plugins is designed to change that! It will automatically add audio fades at the beginning and the end of a selected clip. Easy! 


    XEffects Panel Slide Transition 

    XEffects Panel Slide Transition is a super easy free plugin that could yield great results for your next video edit.

    The free plugin mimics four vertical panels, which can slide in from either left or right of frame to form the new shot.

    This free Final Cut plugin works just like any other transition in Final Cut Pro. The following parameters can be customized to allow you to create exactly the look you are after - length & cut. You can also add a blur strength to the drop shadow, which helps to add the illusion of 3D depth to the transition animation. 

    For many Final Cut Pro video editors out there, this is a super handy, super easy free plugin to have up their sleeve. 


    XEffects Glitch Flash Transition

    XEffects Glitch Flash is another fantastic easy and free transition for Final Cut Pro X.

    Idustrial Revolution have reproduced an old transition look that comes from the days of video tape linear editing. Glitch Flash will take the footage that meets at your edit point and stretch it out, at the same time it will also perform a ramped glow. These two effects combined, the stretch and the glow, make for a funky and energetic FCPX transition.

    This free FCPX plugin is super easy to use with only one simple control - the direction you want the footage to stretch. Your media on your FCPX timeline can either stretch horizontally or vertically. 

    Pro tip: This footage works very well when applied to media that contains an alpha channel such as text. 


    XEffects Broadcast VT Clock

    XEffects Broadcast VT Clock is a utility all Final Cut Pro video editors should have in their arsenal. This plugin is a free generator for FCPX to be inserted at the beginning of a broadcast television show. 

    Most broadcasters around the world require a clock of this format that displays programme information and counts down to frame one of the edit. This clock still tends to be needed even if played from a file source. 

    This free VT clock plugin is in the format fulfils industry Broadcast standards. 

    The free VT clock counts down from 30 seconds, has traditional flashes of white at minus 10 seconds (plus a frame) and also contains the necessary text fields to display important programme operator. 

    Any Final Cut Pro video editor working in the broadcast space should have this generator on hand. 


    XEffects Progress Slider

    XEffects Progress Slider is a free plugin for Final Cut Pro X that has the ability to replicate a video position slider (such as those found on youtube or vimeo) and place it on screen above your timeline footage. 

    When placed on your timeline this slider will automatically move from the left hand edge to the right hand edge over the length of the effect. Want it faster? Simply shorten the length of time the effect is on screen. This free FCPX plugin will give users the impression of a video clip playing. Add a frame as well to really sell the idea that this is a clip playing in a media player from a popular video hosting site such as youtube

    Customization of the bar is available within the plugin. You can chance the indicator and bar sizes, the color of the controls, change the look of the progress bar endings and add a fully customisable drop-shadow. Fading in and out of the effect itself is also possible. 


    XEffects Bounce Strips


    XEffects Bounce Strips is a free FCPX template generator plugin.
    This plugin will drop 4 panels of your next piece of media until a full image is constructed.

    Customisation of this free plugin is available. You can control speed, duration and drop shadow strength (this gives a cool 3D feel). This is a fun filled transition that would work very well with children's TV or even youtube instructional videos. 


    Panel Flip 1

    Panel Flip 2

    Panel Flip 1 and Panel Flip 2 are two free FCPX transition plugins that allow Final Cut Pro video editors to vertically or horizontally split screen and then flop a shot so that the top and bottom half of the image rotate independently. 

    Within these two free plugins there are customizable controls for timing. This means that you can either decide to have both panels rotating at the same time, rotating one after the other, or staggered. You also have the ability to choose the direction that both of these panels rotate, and the speed at which they twist. 


    Text Color Split 

    This free title plugin for FCPX animates two text layers over colored backgrounds. The background then splits to show a footage layer. This plugin could be really great for opening and closing titles on promos and other short videos. It could even be used as an intro into a web series. 


    In this plugin the color of the background is linked to the corresponding text. Simply adjust one element, either the text or background, and the other will change as well. This plugin incorporates any text font you have installed in your system.

    In and out options are what control the animation. You can hold as long as you desire without slowing down the animations screen split or footage reveal. 


    Movie Promo 2

    XEffects Movie Promo 2 is a free generator plugin for Final Cut Pro X that displays text in a way that replicates Hollywood film trailers.

    This free Final Cut Pro effect allows video editors to display text travelling in Z space. You can add light flare transitions to really sex up the stainless steel styled text. 

    Within this plugin there are many customizable parameters to play with. The video editor gets to control the flare and the color of the flare, the animation time and the text displayed. Also, the font can be changed to match your project needs. 

    Also, camera controls are adjustable, meaning you can add perspective tweaks to the text path. Overall this is a great text tool for creating quick, impactful graphics in Final Cut Pro X. 


    Big Text Drop 

    XEffects Big Text Drop is a free template plugin that drops up to three lines of text on to a shiny reflective floor.

    To use, simply place the generator on the FCPX timeline where you want the text to be featured. 

    This free FCPX plugin gives video editors lots of customization options. You can adjust the text, the font, the font size, weight, fill and edge color. As well as change the background color, floor color and illuminating light color. These customizations will allow you to get the effect exactly the way you want it. 


    Flare Lights 

    Adding light streaks across your video is super easy. You can achieve the look made popular by the newer Star Trek movie series by simply dropping this free effect on top of your vision.

    This free plugin for Final Cut Pro mean you can stretch out highlights found within your footage vertically, horizontally, or at any angle you determine right for your project. Customisations include the threshold of highlights affected, the smooth nature of the flare and of course, the color of the flare. 

    This plugin is especially effective in night time shots where there is high contrast between highlights and the rest of the image. 

    Pro tip: Add this effect to text layers for some very cool results. 


    Screen Pump 

    XEffects Screen Pump is an awesome free FCPX effect plugin that means video editors no longer have to build screen pumps manually with awkward keyframes in FCPX. 

    This would be especially great for youtubers and gamers who publish videos. A screen pump is a great way to enhance a video that may be needing a little bit more of that X factor. 

    This free Final Cut Pro effect is super easy to use. Simply drag the title effect above the footage you wish to add the pump to and then adjust the duration. Parameters that can adjusted include the amount of zoom, the pause at full zoom and the acceleration of the screen pump. This FCPX effect can be dragged wherever you want on the timeline and can be duplicated for easily adding multiple screen pumps. 


    PLEASE NOTE - All of Idustrial Revolution's effects come with this disclaimer - 
    This plugin has been made free to download to the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions."
    Copyright can be found on their website.




    ALEX 4D

    When you're talking about industry contributors to the community of Final Cut Pro video editors, there's one name that comes up again and again. Alex4d. Alex has a reputation for releasing very useful and polished FCPX plugins and with the 11 free Final Cut Pro plugins (That's right - 11! He keeps busy!) you will understand why.

    Switch Channel Transition  

    This awesome free FCPX transition plugin simulates the old school look of switching between analogue TV channels. This is a great transition for any Final Cut Pro video editor - especially if you are working on anything news bulletin orientated (think opening titles of a Zombie movie!). 

    This plugin is hugely customizable as well. You get to control whether, during the channel switch, the clips roll up or down. You can set how much wobble there is and what proportion the transition effect is used in the actual moving up and down of the clip. 

    You can control whether the clips roll up or down during the switch, how much the clips wobble up and down and what proportion of the transition is of used to show the clip moving up or down. 

    Pro tip: To show an interruption to "scheduled programming" have the channel switch roll one way when going to the interruption then back the other way when returning to the original footage. 


    Random Move Horizontal

    With this funky free plugin you can choose any type, color, size and linespacing for the text you are displaying. You can also decide if you want the text to appear from left to right or right to left. Lines can move together and overlap each other as well. 

    This plugin is great if you are looking to show a 'cloud' of text - as if someone is thinking chaotic thoughts or have a lot on their mind. It is a great way to indicate and illustrate the concept of information overload. If you want even more text displayed, simply double up the effect on your timeline. 


    Pull Focus Transition

    This free FCPX transition scales and blurs video in a way that simulates a camera with a shallow field depth changing its focus between one object and another.

    This free plugin is fantastic when used as a transition between shots, and is beneficial as a tool to tie a scene together. 

    The Pull Focus Transition blurs the outgoing clip then scales it up and fades the clip out as the incoming clip on the other side of your edit point is faded in and de-blured. 

    The video editor has the ability to control the amount of blur and scale that is to be used. They can also control the point that the clips are actually mixed and scaled. 

    Because lens blurs are known to be very processor intensive, Alex has given the option to use a faster blur, though admittedly, it doesn't look as good. 


    Wide Angle Fix

    Just drop this effect onto your distorted footage and like magic it will take out the "bend" associated with footage shot through fisheye (such as GoPro footage).

    Within this plugin there are different camera presets and a slider for precise control. The video editor can also choose the lens (if it is popular like GoPro) or the field of view angle. 

    Sidenote - speaking of camera's and lenses - have a look what we think are the top 3 mirrorless camera's available today. 

    In order to make sure the picture is de-bent, there is an option to display a grid. This grid is useful in making sure the straight edges in the clip are in fact straight. This grid can itself be rotated to better suit footage filmed on an angle.


    Smooth Move FCPX

    This plugin helps to smooth out ramping moves in FCPX. Three curve shapes are available - Constant, Ease Both & Logarithmic. Why would you want to change from constant speed? Well in real life things don't move at a constant speed, they tend to start slowly and then slow down when reaching their goal or destination (a commuter train is a good example).



    This free plugin is a simple split screen editor to get 4 different clips to display at the same time. Nothing to fancy here, but what it does, it does simply and easily. 


    Mask 8 points

    This free plugin does what it says on the tin - allows you to control an 8-point mask with a lot more control than natively offered in FCPX. Alex has also allowed the mask to be controlled by the numerical values of each of the eight points.
    Video editors are also able to control the density of the mask and the softness/falloff of the edges. 



    Again, an improvement on what is offered natively in FCPX. Alex has taken 7 different blur types from Motion and allowed you to access them in FCPX. Very useful.



    Alex has opened up the door to a whole range of distort effects that were originally only available in Apple Motion. Thanks to his ingenuity you can now apply these effects directly through FCPX.



    free plugin for FCPX - overlays by Alex4D 

    Overlays is a free Final Cut Pro X effect that allows the editor to add overlays to clips. This is especially useful when handing over edits to VFX, sound, or subtitle creators who need frame counts.

    There is heaps of customization options to make sure that all of the necessary information is displayed. Along with entering your heading text, you can change the size and color of it as well. 

    The timecode counter by default uses the timecode value of the timeline that it is used within. If you only want it to supply the timecode of a clip then that is simple. Just select the clip, control-click and choose Open in Timeline. Now the clip is in its own timeline and the effect can use the timeline's timecode. 


    Bad TV Effect

    This is an enhanced version of the Bad TV effect natively found on Final Cut Pro X. This version has a lot more parameter controls which allow the FCPX video editor to fine tune the effect more closely match their vision.  

    Customizable parameters are as follows:

    Waviness: horizontal distortion.

    Roll: vertical positioning of the clip.

    Color Synch: The color (red, green and blue) offset amount.

    Saturate: Fine tune the image saturation controls.

    Number of Scan Lines: Determines how many scan lines are added to the clip. More scan lines mean each individual scan line is thinner. 

    Scan Line Brightness: How much brighter the scan lines seem when compared to the clip.

    Scan Line Proportion: This parameter controls the thickness of the scan lines in proportion to the footage you are adding the effect to.

    Static: The amount of static noise.

    Static Blend: The blend mode of the noise – this helps to make the static more visible if your clip is very dark or light.





    Fox Mahoney over at Sight Creations (also known as FCPXTemplates.com) is another fantastic contributor to the FCPX editing community. He has a whole range of great resources and free Final Cut Pro X plugins.  

    Glass Light


    Postcard transition

    This is one of those neat FCPX transitions that replicates a postcard entering the frame and then growing to cover the frame, completing the transition. 
    This free Final Cut Pro transition would be awesome for family videos or school projects.






    A big hitter in the FCPX plugin space is Digital Heaven out of the UK.
    Here are two of their free Final Cut Pro effects which illustrate the quality and polish you can expect from Digital Heaven.



    This free FCPX plugin is fantastic for when you need to line up elements onscreen. This grid generator allows you to create a grid with up to 30 divisions. 



    A simple but useful video generator for FCPX that provides 4:3, 16:9 and 14:9 title and action safe areas when working within a 16:9 project.


    Congratulations! You've reached halfway in our EPIC free Final Cut Pro plugins list! Keep at it, there are some real gems in this next half!

    FREE premiere pro effects presets and plugins for download



    Ripple training have long been providing quality training editing programs, but they also create some simply brilliant free plugins for FCPX video editors.
    They are yet another generous source of free, quality Final Cut Pro plugins.


    iPad Transition

    This free Final Cut Pro transition plugin will seamlessly introduce an iPad in horizontal mode. The iPad that appears will contain Shot B of your edit. 

    Please note - This free plugin unfortunately does not feature the latest iPad version.


    Video in text

    This free Final Cut Pro effect helps video editors create the popular technique of placing vision within titles.
    This FCPX effect has long been a go to technique for editors who want to quickly spruce up their title sequence. The Video in Text free plugin streamlines the process for FCPX users. With this plugin great titles are only a couple of clicks away.


    Picture in Picture

    While you can create picture in picture natively in FCPX with scaling, this free plugin will allow you to add a shadow to the picture in picture as well as an adjustable border. These couple of extra features plus the plugin's ease of use make this free Final Cut Pro effect very handy indeed.


    Simple 3d Effect

    As the name implies, this free plugin allows you to manipulate the X, Y and Z rotation of your vision. You can also adjust image position, scale, anchor points and add a drop shadow. 
    This free FCPX effect means you can easily spruce up boring vision in a couple of mouse clicks. 




    CoreMelt's is a VFX studio that bring powerful and flexible tools to video editors the world over. They focus on simple workflows at affordable prices. According to their website, they take the tools from high end visual effects and design plugins that allow you to use these same high end effects but from within your desktop software (e.g. Final Cut Pro X). The CoreMelt team have years of experience in feature films and high end tv commercials.  


    SliceX Free

    SliceX Free is a great free download for video editors that gives you tracking abilities for oval, circle and rectangle masks. 
    Video editors can use the tracked masks with any 10 of the built in Motion Templates. They can also choose to use tracked masks with any effect by duplicating the clip and using a shape layer mask. 
    There are so many uses such as the classic blurring or pixelating of a persons face (think courtroom news story). You could also use it to blur a number plate or a logo on a persons shirt. You could track a color grade onto someone's face or a glow onto someone's eyes! This is one of the more powerful free plugins for Final Cut Pro available for download. 


    CoreMelt Free


    CoreMelt Free is a huge collection of free FCPX plugins from CoreMelt.

    In this pack you get a whopping 20 free write on animations for FCPX as well as 10 free transitions.

    One download will give you the following plugins and more!
    Click on the plugin names for more info.

    Advanced Vignette, RGB Levels and Curves, DLSR Deflat, BMCC Deflat

    Dewrinkler, Old TV

    Blowout, Godrays

    3D Shatter, Analog Glitch

    Soft Edge Wipe, Blend Mode Dissolve, Curl Apart, Exposure Flash

    Delta V:
    Projector Malfunction, Random Crop, Video screens 2way






    Glitch Transition

    This awesome free Final Cut Pro download utilises the bad TV effect and vertical push to create a distinct and cool looking FCP transition. Customization comes in the form of an intensity slider. It is worth noting that in order to get this free FCPX transition you have to first sign up to their email list. They seem like nice chaps though, so it shouldn't result in spam. 





    The next couple of free Final Cut Pro effects come from the beautiful country of Argentina. They may have missed out on the World Cup trophy in 2014, but thanks to FinalCutArgentina they are kicking goals in the edit world (see what I did there, Ole! Ole!) 


    Photo Filter

    This free creative effect allows you to apply photo filters to your existing footage. You can transform your footage quickly to resemble a number of old school camera looks.
    This is a really great tool for your collection, especially when you need a creative look quickly. Simply pop this plugin on your footage and boom, it is immensely more interesting. 


    3d Transform Free

    Another top tool for applying 3D moves to your footage in FCPX. 




    FCPEffects.com are a brilliant resource for all things FCPX. They have a super wide range of top notch plugins, both paid and free, and are always running competitive discounts on their products.
    Here's one free Final Cut Pro plugin from these guys that is definitely worth having up your sleeve.

    Basic Drop Shadow

    This allows you to simply add drop shadows to your footage. What sets this plugin apart is the level of customisation you can achieve. Within the effect palette you can control scale, position, rotation of the source footage. You can then add a shadow, customize its blurriness, distance, angle, and overall opacity.
    All of these customizable parameters make this simple free plugin very powerful indeed. 




    Conner Lambden over at Conner Productions also has a couple of cracking free FCP plugin effects. Conner Productions is a company that prides itself on "letting you create professional videos in less time". These free effects will help you do just that.



    The Billow free FCPX effect is brilliant for creating full screen titles with billowing smoke (hence the name!) and lights. This free plugin for Final Cut Pro X also allows customisation of colors, lights, text, font and other elements from within the effects inspector.



    The Seal free plugin gives Final Cut Pro video editors a simple way to make a classy and professional looking seal (think letterhead, not Sea World) in no time at all.
    This free FCPX effect packs heaps of customisable options (text size, text color, background color, seal color and more) so you can tweak until your heart is content, and make sure you get the look you need.



    A really unique looking lower third graphic template, Splash is distinctive due to its water splashing effect. 



    Boxed is a really cool and nifty free title effect for FCPX. That being said, Boxed will allow you to quickly create a colorful full screen title with a built in Bad-TV effect. Again, it includes a lot of customisation.






    ForDeeTV.com is a website created by Fordee, a guy with a knack for everything from film making, audio engineering, graphic and web design and anything else media orientated! He has a great site filled with helpful tutorials, reviews and most importantly - free Final Cut Pro X plugins! 


    Power Bleach

    As the name states, it allows you to add impact to your shots with a Bleach grade. You can increase the intensity of the effect to your liking. 


    TV Ratings

    This free plugin allows you to create a movie ratings graphics to play before your masterpiece. This plugin replicates the graphic that you typically see before a real movie screens in a cinema.


    Arrows Plus Lite

    This FCPX plugin is a collection of 3 different arrow animations that can be customized to suit your project. You control their scale, rotation, color and drop shadow.


    TV Vintage Plus Effect

    This free Final Cut Pro effect is perfect for mimicking vintage TV looks. You can set different color leaks, adjust the amount of saturation, softness and noise. Brilliant!


    Ripped Scroll Title

    This lower third plugin mimics ripped textures. It is a very customisable lower third solution that would work really well on more edgy productions.


    Acid Trip

    Get high without the illegality! This plugin will allow you to add a very trippy look to your next video. This effect makes me think of mid 90's MTV!


    Cartoon Effect

    Give yourself a comic book inspired look with "Cartoon Effect" free plugin. Customisation allows you to control the "dot overlay" including its position, rotation, size, blend mode and brightness. You can also apply a framing effect to really round off the look. This is a fun plugin that all FCP video editors should have in their tool kit. 




    Stupid Raisins is phenomenal FCPX plugin resource created by Dylan Higginbotham. Dylan crafts and sells immensely useful and professional FCPX plugins that are certain to add value to your editing arsenal.

    He also releases free FCPX plugins from time to time. Have a look at some of his best below. 

    Also, check out an article we ran on Dylan getting his footage used in a Hollywood Film.


    Infographic Titles

    This awesome set of 4 free infographic titles is a lite version of his full collection. That being said it is still a very valuable stand alone title pack. It consists of a bar graph, pie chart, ring chart and number chart. Brilliant for corporate videos.


    Sign Pop

    Sign Pop is a free plugin that contains a collection of 50 animated icons that are simply awesome.
    The supplied icons are fully customizable, ridiculously easy to use, and they’ll give your project that professional look you are searching for.


    Binocular and Scope

    This free FCPX effect will replicate what it would look like to look through a telephoto lens. Various lenses are available, from the traditional binoculars, to night vision goggles and even a sniper scope. Look out duck!


    Fade in Out

    This is probably the simplest of all the free Final Cut Pro plugins and effects that I have compiled here. That being said, it does what it does very well. Simply add this free FCP effect to your clip and shazzaam, it will now fade in and out. Magic! 




    Capture is a free effect plugin for FCPX that mimics the screen recording of a mobile phone. Works a treat if you have some hand held camera footage or are implying that the footage being used in your edit was originally shot on a phone.  


    Movie Pop

    This is a free Final Cut Pro X title plugin that has been inspired by movie titles. All you have to do is add your own text! As a fan of the game and movie Assassin's Creed, I can positively say that I love this one! 


    Social Media Lower Third 

    This plugin pack contains a series of lower third titles reflecting the most popular social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This pack was originally created by Final Cut King but only for Motion 5. Dylan was kind enough to convert for use directly in FCPX. Thanks Dylan!


    Flipping tiles transitions 

    Flipping Tiles transitions is a very slick tile flipping/rotating free transition for FCPX. It comes with adjustable parameters such as size of the tiles and speed of the conversion from shot A to shot B. 





    Gorilla Grain FCPX Free

    Are you trying to achieve a more filmic look for your next video? The guys over at Gorilla Grain have a brilliant FREE film grain download that originates from real 35mm film scans. By using real film scans in this free giveaway, the grain looks more organic and authentic. This results in a look that is much more natural, and that is head and shoulders above anything that can be completed by using computer generated grain.

    You have to sign up to their email list to download, but that's ok, they seem like nice dudes, definitely not the spamming type.
    The FCPX version also includes the entire paid package, though the full features will feature a watermark. This can be removed by buying the full package. I like this approach because it allows you to try their full range of grain types before you buy. 






    Zach King over at Final Cut King creates some of the best training courses, tutorials and plugins out there - he also has an EPIC vine account - I know Vine is dead, but his account is still up and still awesome! (https://vine.co/Zach.King


    Tilt Shift for FCPX Plugin

    This free tilt shift plugin will allow you to create some really beautiful looking tilt-shift videos from pre-existing footage right within Final Cut Pro X.





    Give your footage a cool retro feel by utilising these 10 free vintage presets for Final Cut Pro X.

    For a really great way to give your footage a distinct look, go no further than vintage color grades! From 1970's haze to an Autumn golden glow, give your edit a look that triggers the warm and fuzzies and lets nostalgia firmly set in.

    Using these free FCPX downloads is incredibly easy. Just drag and drop the effect from the effects browser onto your clip. That’s all there is to it! 
    However, if you do want to take it further, each color grade (there are 10 free color grades in total) can be individually tweaked - the color, saturation and exposure are all completely customizable. 





    Leno FX was founded by Leo Porto, a Motion Design Artist.

    Social Media Slideshow Free

    This awesome free FCPX template from Leno allows you to show previews of different videos that you have on your social media pages including Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. This is a free download, but there is also an option to donate a couple of bucks. 





    Dawg Pu

    And now...I've saved the very best for last - well the best plugin name anyway. Introducing Dawg Pü. 

    Dawg Pü is based somewhat on Richard Gale's humorously named lens-modification company Dog Schidt Optics.

    Dog Schidt Optics has been very successful in offering filmmakers lenses that give a much more "organic" image. Less clinically sharp and a little bit more real. This free plugin download for Final Cut Pro X offers the option of mimicking these organic optical "flaws", circumventing the need to shoot on old prime lenses with fixed apertures. 

    The plugin has been specifically designed to give footage that was shot with clinical modern glass a more natural, organic, analogue feel. This has been designed to be used in addition to any other color correction and/or grading.

    In honour of Richard's Gale's pioneering brand, plugin creator Matt James Smith decided to call his new plugin Dawg Pü. Brilliant Matt. Brilliant.



    THERE YOU HAVE IT - 50 FREE FINAL CUT PRO DOWNLOADS! Actually it's 72 - we snuck a few more in there! 

    We hole you enjoyed this EPIC collection of free FCPX plugins to help you out in your own editing adventures. 

    To all the Final Cut Pro video editors out there, make sure to visit each producers page and if you do download, try to reach out and say thanks.

    It is an amazing thing that we have so many awesome people creating cool plugins that we can use every day for free! 

    I really hope you enjoyed the roundup and found some free effects and plugins that will help you in your next video project!

    Happy editing!
    Charlie @ LightLeakLove.com


    P.S. - If you a video editor that also uses Premiere Pro, then be sure to check out our epic PREMIERE PRO FREE EFFECTS freebies list for Premiere Pro CC users!

    FREE premiere pro effects presets and plugins for download 

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