What style of lomo light leak effects will work best in my video? May 09 2013

Here at lightleaklove.com we are driven to provide you with light leak solutions to suit any type of video production you might be undertaking. This is why we continually add light leak effects that are tailored to varying styles of editing.

We know that no two video productions are the same, and that's why no two of our packages are either.

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So, why would you need different light leak video effects?

Well, imagine you are editing a wedding video. 
The wedding occurred at an idyllic country wine estate and the music you’ve selected for the edit is soft and romantic. You want to add some vibrancy and warmth to the image with light leaks.

wedding light leak video effects for download

In this kind of situation a soft, subtle light leak would work best. You may choose one with a bit color in it that you can shift to the hue (look at tip #2 here for instructions) you want to add warmth to the image without overpowering it. 

light leak lomo video effects, overlays and transitions for free download
Using Crystal Collection.

Now, in another example, imagine you are editing a surf video.

The music is pumping, the surfer is carving 'sick' and the crowd at the beach bar are loving it.

Surfer carving a massive wave. Without light leaks.

In this situation the soft light leak effects used on the wedding video wouldn’t have the impact you’re after.
Edgier lomo light leak effects are in order.

What about a music video for a local rock band.

You have been given reels of boring black and white footage and you want to add a cool, moody Sci-fi feel to it. Neither the light leak effects you used for your surfing or wedding video are going to add the vibe you want to portray.  What you really need are streaking blue tinged effects, quick alien like transitions and space-like lens flares (hint - see our StarTrek Collection).
music video without free light leak effects and transitions
how to add light leak effects to a music video

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