Top 10 Wedding Video Songs of all time August 11 2013

When it comes to once in a lifetime events we want everything to be right, none more so than on our wedding day.

This is a day that we will remember for the rest of our lives, from the venue, ceremony and food, right up to the wedding video - one of the enduring keepsakes of the biggest day in our lives! Choosing the food and decorations for the wedding are difficult enough, but choosing a timeless piece of music that sums up your love and devotion - well that can be even trickier and a source for frustration if you don't get it right.

Wedding videos should offer the highlights of the day with a soundtrack that reflects the mood - not too cheesy but not too 'on-trend' and liable to be dated within a few years. Bearing this in mind we thought we’d present you with what are some of the most timeless pieces of popular music which were practically made for wedding videos.


10. Elvis Presley - I Can't Help Falling in Love.

What better than The King's dulcet tones to warm your heart as you watch back over the images of the best day of your life? “I can’t help falling in love” is a slow and tender song, unashamedly romantic with beautiful lyrics and melody. A match made in heaven for wedding videos? We think so!


9. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You.

Maybe a bit obvious and maybe a bit cheesy, but let's be honest - this is one hell of an ode to love. Starting with very soft vocals and building over around four minutes to a full on ballad, this song showcases the power of Whitney's voice and, through that, the power of love. this song certainly says it loud and proud. The Dolly Parton original is just as beautiful and timeless as the Whitney version, as preference dictates.


8. Frank Sinatra - I Get a Kick Out of You.

There are several classics by Ol' Blue Eyes that could make a great soundtrack for a wedding video but this one happily swings along with plenty of big horn breaks and well held notes by Frank. If you're looking for timeless and upbeat then this is a great choice. Alternative Frank Sinatra options could include The Way You Look Tonight and I've Got You (under my skin).


7. Shania Twain - Forever and Always.

This country ballad is one of those simply effective and ultimately timeless songs that you know you'll still be hearing twenty years from now and it won't sound dated. Mid tempo and full of plenty of references to hearts and loving someone forever, this song is made for wedding videos! 


6. Robbie Williams - Angels.

Brit-pop singer Robbie Williams penned this song in the mid 90's and it became an instant wedding favorite. A slow burner, the song builds from a mellow intro into a full heart felt ballad about love and salvation with plenty of sing along potential. More suited to footage of the reception or pre-wedding than the actual ceremony itself.


5. Al Green - Let's Stay Together.

A perennial first dance option, this is also a great video soundtrack song. The familiar and effortless grace of Al intones the newlyweds that love conquers all whether times are good bad, happy or sad - all in the most fabulously upbeat and sing-a-long fashion. Another great Al Green option, perhaps more upbeat, is Love is a Beautiful Thing. Both are perhaps better suited to reception footage than the ceremony itself.



4. Adele - Make You Feel My Love.

Adele may be popular at the moment but she sure has a big, soulful and timeless voice. This is one of her most romantic and video friendly songs, sung over a heart tugging piano and string arrangement. Guaranteed to leave barely a dry eye in the house..


3. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You.

A modern classic practically made for wedding videos and sure to stand the test of time. Slow to mid tempo and with a perfectly upbeat tone, Alicia sings this beautiful r&b ballad over the piano melody and gently played horns. A great versatile choice!


2. Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet Love Theme.

If you're looking for a classical piece that sums up love then this is it. Building from a gentle violin and piano based intro into haunting flutes and horns, this song moves through various stages, with the mid to late section being quite intense before winding back down gently. Haunting, touching and familiar, this is the quintessential classical wedding video song.

1. Etta James - At Last.

How can anyone go past Etta James’ “At Last”! With her soulful voice serenading us over soft violins and a gentle beat, Etta is able to convey more emotion in a single phrase than other singers can muster in their entire careers. This popular, breathtaking and evocative wedding song is perfect for both the entrance of the bride and the wedding video. If there’s one song guaranteed to get the tears of joy rolling, this is it!




So there you have it, the top 10 songs that were practically made for wedding videos. Whether looking for upbeat, country, rnb, traditional or classically romantic songs, this list will have you covered. Perfect for use in pre-wedding, ceremony and reception footage, these breath romance through their lyrics and melodies, and possess timelessness qualities that marry well (pardon the pun!) with your wedding footage. Now that you’ve got the songs chosen, all you need to do is get married!




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