Have skills, will travel. Top 6 video editing apps for iPad. October 26 2013

Video editors, rejoice! The newest release of the Apple iPad (iPad Air) means a lot of things, and all of them good. Lighter weight, better graphics and faster speed are just some of the improvements, but all make the possibility of actually doing serious video editing on the iPad a realistic endeavour. With a horde of new apps designed to make video editing on an iPad as simple and easy as possible (whilst still keeping all of the functions you use and need), the future of video editing has never been more innovative and transportable.

Here's a list of 6 iPad video editing apps that harness the power of the iPad. The future is here.


Apple iMovie

First off the bat, Apple's very own iMovie. Christmas has come early for Apple aficionados, as apple's iLife suite will be offered at no extra charge to the new iPad and iPhone buyers- with some pretty great updates to boot! What does this mean? Well firstly you get iMovie for nix, nada…free! With a new iOS 7 interface and new additions such as speed adjustment, full timeline controls and picture-in-picture, the app is a fully functional mobile video editing platform. It supports intuitive features such as tapping to add videos, photos and sound effects, and drag to trim video length. Oh, and did we mention the new 120fps slow motion mode? Winning! See more here.




If you're after a one stop shop for video capturing, editing and viewing videos, Videon could be what you're after. For a mere $2.99 (hey, that's cheaper than a coffee!) Videon provides users with a captivating video editing experience - a tonne of functions such as video filters, video effects and video editing tools for those wanting to be a little more creative. Throw in an easy to view gallery and beautiful interface, and you have a neat little app that caters for all your iPad video editing needs. See more here.



Pinnacle studio

If you're after every bell, whistle and tinsel that a video editing app can provide, pinnacle studio might just satisfy your needs. Rated as one of times best 50 ipad apps to have (yes, they still boast this 6 months on!), you can see why it's a must have for video editors. Why? For starters, it is a fully functional and professional video editing app for iPad which lets you do just about anything. Editing videos, photos and audio is a breeze, mostly due to its easy to use interface and various editing options. Given the extensive functionality of the app it is mostly suited to the serious video editors out there who need functions such as a voice over option, sound effects, media organiser and movie enhancer - however it's so easy to use that even beginners can create some pretty decent vids without being overwhelmed. This is a serious contender to the iPad editing throne. See more here.



Quick Cut Pro

Supporting raw video data editing (one of the only apps that does- for now), Quick Cut Pro can be used to edit movies easily and quickly, and can be used as a companion tool for iMovie, providing some functions that iMovie currently does not. It's fast, and it will do the job! See more here.




If your favourite word is "free," check out Loopster. Though it might not give you all of the advanced tools that iMovie or Pinnacle does, Loopster can help you splice, zoom, crop, and rotate videos, as well as add text and motion effects. Good for beginners, plus you can share your work on Facebook or YouTube with a couple of clicks. Not bad for a freebie! See more here.




Another freebie, Cinefy provides hours of fun for those looking to play with special effects on their videos. Why hours? Cinefy has over ONE HUNDRED special effects and animations! If you get bored with this app, you're not normal! Read more here.


Apple's newest release of the iPad has provided a platform for some of the most intuitive, smart and easy to use video editing apps to use on the go. With apps like the ones listed above, video editing has taken a giant leap forward - giving video editors the opportunity to create more, work smarter, more efficiently, and have a whole lot of fun while they're at it. 

While we're not quite at the stage of replacing our desktops just yet and we shouldn't run out and swap the edit bay for a mojito on the beach, the new iPads power, versatility and editing options can't help but get us thinking. 

Excited? We are!