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7 steps to starting a video production company and completely crushing It.

So you’re handy with a video camera and want to know how can you turn this into a money making venture?
The first step is to think about the services you can provide.

There are many options such as commercial videos, corporate videos, even wedding and party videography. However, while you might think it’s a good idea to be a “jack of all trades”, specialising in one particular area will help you not only market your services better, but also hone your skills, style and reputation in a particular field. This in turn becomes your brand, and in essence, the bread and butter for your company.


Shooting & Making a music video. 8 killer tips to help you succeed.

Ahh music video first glance it all seems so glamorous - the band, the music, the vibe and atmosphere of the final all seems so easy! Well, budding music videographers, don't be fooled - though the end product of a music video is a seamless story that looks easy, energetic and oh so natural, the actual process of shooting and editing a music video takes time, planning and concentration (mixed with a whole lot of fun and creativity). Check out our eight top tips to producing a great music video, making sure you have fun while you're at it!

Have skills, will travel. Top 6 video editing apps for iPad.

Video editors, rejoice! The newest release of the Apple iPad (iPad Air) means a lot of things, and all of them good. Lighter weight, better graphics and faster speed are just some of the improvements, but all make the possibility of actually doing serious video editing on the iPad a realistic endeavour. With a horde of new apps designed to make video editing on an iPad as simple and easy

Final Cut Pro: Still one of the top video editing programs?

In this article we look at where Final Cut Pro came from, where it is going and how close its competitors are to knocking this editing powerhouse off of it's prosumer throne.

Do you have visions of becoming a bonafide video editing superstar?

If yes, then you better be ready to break off a decent amount of change because the first thing you’ll need is a pro grade video editing system, and they can cost you a pretty penny (though they are still much cheaper than even 5 years ago).


25p vs 29.97p - Which Frame Rate is Best For Me?

Which frame rate should you use?

At we offer all of our products in either 25p or 29.97p (commonly known as 30p).
If you’re wondering which one’s right for you - read on!

10 Must Know Secrets to Producing Stunning Wedding Videos

If you’ve recently made a purchase for your very own video equipment, you’re probably wondering how you can start to capitalize on it. One popular way to do so is to shoot live events like weddings. In fact, wedding videography is one of the most lucrative ways of maximizing your video equipment.

Our top ten secrets listed below will most likely benefit budding wedding videographers.- nonetheless, professional wedding videographers will may find it a refresher on what they’ve already known and applied in practice.

How to use light leaks in Avid Media Composer

Looking for light leaks to use in Avid Media Composer? Head over here for a free set of light leak effects to download and use today.

How To Use Light Leaks In Final Cut Pro X

This is a step by step guide to using light leaks in Final Cut Pro X.

How to use light leaks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This is a step by step guide to using light leak effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to use Light Leak effects in Final Cut Pro 7 (or earlier)

This is a step by step guide to using light leak effects in Final Cut Pro 7. The same steps also apply to older versions of Final Cut Pro.


Top 10 Wedding Video Songs of all time

When it comes to once in a lifetime events we want everything to be right, none more so than on our wedding day.
Wedding videos should offer the highlights of the day with a soundtrack that reflects the mood - not too cheesy but not too 'on-trend' and liable to be dated within a few years. Bearing this in mind we thought we’d present you with what are some of the most timeless pieces of popular music which were practically made for wedding videos.

Slideshare - How to use composite modes to enhance light leak effects.

The ULTIMATE guide to various composite modes.

A couple of weeks ago I made a post and video about the different composite modes commonly found in Final Cut Pro and other editing systems.

Well this week, after reading through the post again, I decided to present this content in a more compelling manner - a slideshow (ooooh!). 

I enjoyed challenge of creating this slideshow. It made me simplify the message even more, and I think makes for a much more concise, informative and fun way of learning about composite modes, especially in relation to video light leaks.

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