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How To Use Composite Modes to Enhance Light Leak Effects.

When using light leaks you simply select the leak you like, layer it over your footage and change the composite mode to your desired one - which 99.9% of the time is Screen mode.

Now, what about all those other composite effects that we mostly ignore?

This guide will help you to understand clearly the various composite modes found in today’s desktop editing software such as FCP 6, 7, X, Avid, Adobe Premiere & After Effects.  Read on for more...


What style of lomo light leak effects will work best in my video?

Here at we are driven to provide you with light leak solutions to suit any type of video production you might be undertaking. This is why we continually add light leak effects that are tailored to varying styles of editing.

We know that no two video productions are the same, and that's why no two of our packages are either.

So, why would you need different light leak video effects? Read on to find out..

How to use more than one lomo light leak at once.

Light Leak experimentation = value.
A great way to get extra value out of your LightLeakLove purchase is to experiment.
One of the simplest, yet effective experiments is to use more than one light leak effect at any one time.
You can do this if you want to:
- Achieve a different, unique light leak look.
- Use one light leak to set the visual tone, and another as a transitional device. 

Read more here...

4 cool tips to create endless light leak variations.

Here at LightLeakLove we want you to get the most bang for your buck with our products!

This is why we have compiled 4 tips below that will empower you to use your light leaks in refreshing ways, giving you more opportunities to impress with your next edit.

1. Flip and flop

There is a really great light leak effect you love - the only problem is that the light leak appears from the wrong side of the screen, obscuring the subject of the shot.

Instead of trying to find another light leak for the job you can simply flop the shot (horizontally rotate - e.g. right becomes left). The same goes for flipping (e.g. top becomes bottom).

Read on for 3 more techniques...



What are light leaks and why should I love 'em?

Traditionally light leaks are caused by holes or gaps in a camera where light is able to sneak its way into the normally light-tight chamber, exposing the sensor with extra light.     

 This light then diffuses itself into the image in varying degrees.     

What used to be seen as an error is now very much sought after for the creative opportunities it presents!

This can be seen in the rise in popularity of lomographic (or lomo) photography. The Holga range of cameras are a great example of this. They are a plastic camera that's cheaply built but is sought after for its inevitability to let light into the camera.

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