12 unique, fun and creative filters for Final Cut Pro X. 
Simply drag, drop and customize. 


So, what's included?

With 12 bundled filters you will be able to create pro level, creative looks in seconds. 

FiltrCutPro filters within Final Cut Pro editing software

Whether you're throwing on some flares, listening to the Bee Gee's and kicking it old school with 8mm or Film Reel, adding a little indie rock flavor with Grunge & Paper or having some seriously good fun with the Polaroid or Retro TV filtrs...

FiltrCutPro for Final Cut Pro X has you covered.

was specifically built from the ground up for FCPX. 

This means that all 12 FiltrCutPro filtrs are available from within the Effects Inspector directly within FCPX. 

Simply select the filtr you want to use and drag it onto your footage.
That's about as hard as it gets with FiltrCutPro.

Customize each filtr 'till your heart's content. Each filtr comes with the ability to tune multiple parameters so you can achieve the exact look you're after!


 Mix and match

Start mixing effects to really expand what is possible with FiltrCutPro.

Have a look at this quick video to see just how endless the possibilities become once you start to mix and match any of the 12 included filters!



FiltrCutPro has been designed from the ground up for full integration in Final Cut Pro X.

This means you can preview in real time with no need to wait for rendering to complete.
All filters, customisation and menus are accessible from within Final Cut Pro’s interface.



Simply drag, drop & customize

With FiltrCutPro you have the power to create beautiful looking media with drag and drop simplicity.

With 12 filters to choose from and nearly endless customisation options, you will nail the look you want every time, and quickly too.


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