How to add stunning light leaks to your videos.


It's simple to add stunning, beautiful light leaks to your next video project. 
Just follow these three easy steps.


Step 1:
Download and unzip our awesome free light leak package or purchase one of our wonderful collections.
Import the effects into your editing software. 
Step 2:
Choose a light leak that you like and position it on a layer directly above your footage.
Set the blend or composite mode to "screen" or "add" for best results.
Experiment with other blend modes for more great looks!

Step 3:
Play back your video!
You should now see your light leaks playing beautifully over your footage.

As each video editing program works differently, we have created specific how-to guides for various editing programs.  




Extra tips: 

Here are additional ways to manipulate your light leaks to get the exact look you are after!
Change Color.
Playing with the light leak clip color will allow you to change the light leak from warm to cool and from saturated to monotone.

Speeding up light leaks can give a frantic feel to your footage - this works well for action sports footage such as skateboarding or motocross. Slowing a light leak down can help give a relaxed vibe.

Want the light leak to come from left of frame, not right? Thats easy, just flop the shot!

Use multiple light leaks at once
Using more than one light leak can really help define the tone you’re going for. For a truly unique look use light leaks from different collections.
That's it!
If you have any questions about the process please contact us at
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