Light Leak Effects | LightLeakLove FAQ

How do I know your products will work with my Software?

You can rest assured that all of our products are designed to work across the majority of all non-linear edit suites, image editors and graphic design programs. Our customers frequently use: Final Cut Pro 6/7/X, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/After Effects.


What format are the light leaks delivered in?

All light leaks are available only as Digital Downloads.
They come as H.264 files for maximum quality and cross platform compatibility - 1080p 24p / 25p / 29.97p available.


Before and after Light Leak overlay example.

Which frame rate should I choose - 24p / 25p or 29.97p?

As a rule, if you are in the U.S. or Canada then 29.97p is for you. If you are from Australia or most of Europe then 25p is the way to go. If you are using with footage shot at 24p then match it with our 24p light leaks.
Want to know more? See our guide to frame rates here.


Can I use your product across multiple computers?

Absolutely, we just ask that you support small business and don't let others 'steal' our stuff!


How can I pay for your products, is it safe to buy online?

We use a super safe, super secure Paypal checkout with 128bit encryption (which is world leading).

Payments can be processed by;

-Credit Card

-Debit Card

-Bank transfer

-Paypal account

-Dishwashing duties (we have a messy kitchen here at LLL HQ)


Your website won't accept my credit card, what do I do?

Make sure you've entered all your deets right including the 3digit CVV code on the back. If anything is wrong the card will be declined.

If you're certain you have entered it all correctly call the phone number on your card and ask why it's not being accepted then contact us and we may be able to work out another form of payment (see dishwashing above), or belated payment.


Before and after Light Leak overlay example - Crystal Collection.

How do I download my product purchase?

Once you proceed through the checkout you'll be presented with a download link to your light leak bounty.


Sweet! Can I review the products I've purchased?

Definitely! We would be very grateful for any reviews or mentions of our collections.


Your products stink, I want a refund!

Ouch! Nah, that's totally cool, if you don't like your purchase just let us know and we will happily refund you the full purchase price.

Also, if you want to yell some constructive criticism at us, please do so! We mean it, we want to make LightLeakLove the best it can be, so lay it on us!


Before and after Light Leak overlay example - Star Trek Collection


Adobe Premiere Pro won't import my light leaks. What should I do?

If you are seeing an error when bringing light leaks into Adobe Premiere then it means you most likely don't have an up to date ProRes codec.
Don't worry, this is a simple fix!

1. Download and install Quicktime player for PC -
2. Download the Pro-Res codec decoder for quicktime -
3. Restart your machine.

What is the difference between a Transition & an Overlay?

All of our light leak collections consist of Overlays & Transitions. This is our quirky way of letting you know how best to use that particluar light leak!

Think of it like this:

Transitions: Short, punchy light leaks best used to cover up edit points between two shots.

Overlays: Longer light leaks which can be used to compliment a complete shot or even used across multiple shots!


Hmm, none of these really answered my question. 

If you have any other Q's that we didn't answer simply drop us a line on our contact page and we'll get back to you asap.
Please reach out at any time about anything!
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