Your life is about to get easier.

Say goodbye to clunky importing of light leaks into your edit software and hello to a fully integrated Light Leak transitions package.

We went back to the drawing board on this one and created 31 individual transitions designed so you can achieve the transition look you want quickly and easily.


With this collection you will nail the right light leak transition every time.



Full integration with final cut pro x
The Transition Love plugins have been built from the ground up to provide smooth and completely natural integration into Final Cut Pro X.

This means you can access the transitions through Final Cut Pro's interface and preview them in real time making render times a thing of the past!

All light leak transitions will be perfectly aligned to your edit point (first time, every time!) meaning you'll never have to manually align the brightest part of the light leak with your edit again!



With Transition Love you have the power to customise your light leak transitions quickly and easily from directly within the transitions Inspector window.

Our built in tools allow you to fine tune each light leak to get it exactly how you want it.
This means spending less time trying to achieve the look you're after and more time creating your masterpiece.

These adjustments include


Add or Screen blend modes are your best bet for that classic light leak look, but for some really unique transition effects, try experimenting with some of the other selections - you'll be surprised with the variety one light leak can give you.


Flip/Flop allows you to vertically flip & horizontally flop (or both) your chosen light leak. Don't like the light leak coming from the left of frame, then simply flop it so it comes from the right! The choice is yours.

By adjusting the hue of any light leak you can dramatically change the colors that are displayed.


Different from the Hue slider, Tint Color gives you the power to apply an overall color wash to any of the light leaks in Transition Love. This is invaluable for when you want your light leak to display one color only.  



Make the transition from old to new and discover the benefits of Transition Love for Final Cut Pro X today.


You'll receive:

*31 high quality light leak transitions

*Fully integrated into Final Cut Pro

*Customisable by color, hue, blend mode, positioning and more.





Psst... Don't forget our 100% Money Back Guarantee!
(no awkward questions either, we promise)


Software req. Final Cut Pro X
Hardware req. Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
Graphics card req. OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
Operating System OS X v10.6.8 or better
Supported codecs All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
Supported cameras All Canon DSLRs, All Nikon DSLRs, All Panasonic DSLRs, Black Magic Cinema Cameras,Sony NEX, HVR, HXR, HDR and PMW series camcorders,Panasonic AG, AF, HMC, HDC, HC series camcorders, All GoPro® Hero Series, most other h.264 and AVCHD format cameras.



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