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Want more light leaks for less?

Grab our 3 most popular light leak collections with one easy purchase.
The Combo Collection features a range of light leaks with unique and beautiful aesthetics designed to enhance your videos.

Light leak combo collection - save $$$

For only $47.97 $35.99 you will receive 57 unique, beautifully crafted light leak overlay effects and 47 transitional effects, all royalty free.

Combining the three collections means you will literally have endless light leak combo options to make your next video unique and eye-popping. 
This makes for one hell of a goodie bag!  

What’s included?

A range of soft, naturally coloured light leaks with purple, green and yellow hues. Popular in sporting, music or retro videos.

Crystal Collection

Created through gemstones and crystals to give alluring and authentic light leaks. Perfect for creating summer vibes, or capturing that vintage feel.

StarTrek Collection

These add energy, vibe and atmosphere with sci-fi infused, unique effects you won't find anywhere else.



  • Full HD resolution + Mac/PC supported
  • H.264 encoded for maximum quality & compatibility
  • Available in 1080p @ 24p / 25p / 29.97p
  • Optically created, genuinely handmade
  • No plug-ins needed
  • Available immediately - you will receive a download link immediately once purchased


Download Digitally Today!

You will receive a download link immediately once purchased.

File Size: 1.7 GB
Est. Download Time (10 Mbps):  21 minutes



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